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We provide tailored services

No matter what D&I challenges your organization faces, we represent equal agents who can help disseminate knowledge on the topic and contribute to developing tailored solutions.


We perform analyzes and develop solution proposals across sectors and D&I areas.

For example. we carry out internal analyzes of corporate cultures to develop solution proposals to counteract, e.g. sexism, unequal pay conditions, unequal gender and ethnicity in the recruitment of new employees, lack of women at management levels, and the like. current topics.


We do (tailored) talks, workshops and courses on D&I related topics.

Our equal agents each have a unique profile, working with a D&I speciality, and can, therefore, be booked on request if your company want to gain more knowledge on a given D&I topic.


We offer tailored advice across D&I topics.

Our equal agents work and develop solution proposals within various D&I areas. To get consultancy within a specific D&I area, you can book one or more of our equal agents and they develop tailored advice for your company’s D&I challenges.